Individual songs for download

Underlining instrumentals instead of greying out

Jan ter Burg has pointed out to me that the format I have been starting to use for instrumentals where the instrumental is of a verse of chorus – greying out the words and leaving the fonts normal – is OK in theory but in reality a lot of people print out the song. Then – where did the lyrics go – can’t be seen in printout!

So I am going to change the format real soon to be blue letters (to differentiate from std lyrics)  and also underlined (in case someone prints in black and white)

Hope this works for you all – thanks Jan for the suggestion


Songbook font size

After going to some club sessions using the new book it is obvious that in a number of songs the font size is just tooooooooooo small. I will be looking over the next few weeks on how to increase the font sizes while still keeping most songs on 1 page so people don’t have to scroll forward a page on their tablet or turn over a page if paper.

This may result in less space betwen verses, maybe smaller chord diagrams (especially on songs using the simpler chords), maybe having no chord diagrams for some simpler chord songs and maybe even removing some verses where this can be done without impacting the song too much.

Another option is to put chord diagrams in only 1 column where feasible to give more space to the lyrics.

Anyway watch this space – will let you know when a new version is done – will have no more or less songs (may have some corrections in chord placements etc). Hopefully this will also have the fix for the link to contents on Reader in iBooks and Polaris pdf viewer on Android (don’t forget that Adobe Reader  seems to work well on both)

New Facilities on the Songs pages

I have made some changes to the online side.

  1. I have added drop down selectors on the main songs page ( ) that will allow you to specify the instrument you use (default is gCEA Uke),  the selection of only new songs or all songs (default),  and what I hope will be useful – the “type” of song. The default is All types of songs but you can select one (or a combination of more than one) song type – e.g. Folk or Pop – or Folk and Pop – or Blues and Folk – or Country and Bluegrass etc. Each song has been allocated a song type (or multiple song types). If you believe I have allocated the wrong song type then let me know and if I agree with you I will update it. The listing would reflect all songs that are in any of the types (not in all of the types). Please make sure you click on the Filter button once you have clicked on your filter options.
  2. I have added a list of letters over the top of the list. If you click on a letter then the screen will jump to songs starting with that letter.
  3. In the single song page I have updated the Other menu item to be just a PDF item. This allows you to download the page from the Songbook for the song OR to create a new PDF that reflects any changes you have made – e.g. changing key, changing words, changing chords etc.
  4. I have changed the Donate link so that it goes to the standard Paypal service not Paypal Me. People have wanted to donate but didn’t have a Paypal account. With this link you can donate without needing a Paypal account . Donations are not expected but are very useful to help defray the website costs (e.g. hosting and PDF creation which is done using a pay for service)

This should be the last of the main changes for a short while. I can now go back to adding songs to the site and starting to pull together Guitar and Baritone songbooks.

Songs For Baritone

On request I have added the ability to show songs that automatically open up with baritone chords – just like guitar and gCEA ukes. If you Click on the Uke menu item from the home page you can now click on a “Songs – Bari” menu item that will list off songs that open to baritone chords.

If others have tips on how to improve navigation and ease of use then I would love to hear them

Some Formatting Tips -1

There are some songs that are quite long and if you want to print off a PDF then they go onto 2 pages. This is not ideal so you can save a bit of space by:

  1. Change font size down a bit (Layout menu item)
  2. Go into EDIT and scroll down to around mid point and insert the instruction {colb} on a line on its own. This will cause the song to split into two columns with the break wherever you inserted the instruction
  3. Move the chords to the top (Layout menu item) – gives the 2 cols more space

Hope this helps those who are printing songs. As an example I have already inserted the {colb} into the song A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall – check that one out – if you move the chords to the top it will print out on 1 page now.

Fixed some bugs and some tips

The latest version has fixed some bugs in the transpose and edit areas as well as the PDF generation for changed songs (you can now change Song Title and artist). Hopefully this version has fixed the lingering issues. Please let me know if this isn’t the case!

I have removed a couple of menu options that didn’t really add much to the system.


  • If you want to enter a whole new song in Chordpro format and let the site format it for you then simply pick any song, go into Edit and then paste your song in. Remember to include a {title:…} {key:..} and {artist: …} directives (or overwrite the existing ones)
  • If you want to create a PDF of a song that you have made changes on then simply click on the “Other” menu item and click on Create PDF of this page. Wait a few seconds and your PDF should be downloaded to you
  • If the PDF goes over more than 1 page then try it with a smaller font size.


On request I have added a “Tip Jar” – see the Donate menu item – uses PayPal.