Change in Song Formats

After asking around I have moved the chords to the right side of the page. This seemed to be the favoured position.

I have added buttons at the top to let you move the chords to the top, the right or hide them

I have added a “slide-out” comment form on the song pages so that you can give me quick and easy feedback if you find errors in the songs or if you have suggestions on how to improve them. Just click on the Open Comment Form on the right hand edge. Fill in the info and press Submit and the  click on the Open Comment Form again to close it down. I will try to add this wherever I can in the system.

I have increased the default font size to 12 point to improve legibility on this song page and for the pdf that you can produce after changing the page and requesting a print of a pdf (doesn’t affect the legacy pdfs at the moment but will in the near future)

I have increased the default diagram size to medium for the same reasons.

I continue to work on producing a new songbook based on these layouts for “standard” and baritone ukes and guitar. This is rather a large job so will take a bit of time.

I will also work on a better and more responsive (read tablets and smartphone)  menu system.

And finally I am always interested in ideas for songs for site and to start building up for a new release of the songbook. My friend Pete McCarty has agreed to allow me to add some of his great songs for the next release as well

Fingers crossed this release of code is trouble free 🙂


Songs For Baritone

On request I have added the ability to show songs that automatically open up with baritone chords – just like guitar and gCEA ukes. If you Click on the Uke menu item from the home page you can now click on a “Songs – Bari” menu item that will list off songs that open to baritone chords.

If others have tips on how to improve navigation and ease of use then I would love to hear them

Finally Found the Email Issue !

It seems that my hosting server has restricted the amount of emails that can be sent per hour and this has caused my post emails to the subscriber base to be rather flaky

I am in the process of transferring my emails of posts over to MailChimp which should improve things a lot.

So apologies and let’s hope that I get this up and working real soon.





Various ramblings

Hi all,

Firstly it looks like some people are not getting notifications of new posts – Working on it – hope all the subscribers get a notification of this post. If you look at the site – see this post – and you didn’t, as a subscriber, get the notification can you let me know ?

I am at late stages of getting a new songbook together. The new songs to date that will be going in are under the New sub-menu on the site – . Any final suggestions welcomed. Aiming for around 150 extra songs plus lots of fixups on songs. Sorry it has taken so long but as I hope you are aware I have been doing a lot of work on the website.

Anyway have fun 🙂



Fixed Guitar issue plus new developments planned

Just noticed that when you click Songs under the Guitar menu it still showed ukulele chords by default when you clicked on an individual song. You could still change the instrument to guitar but it should show guitar chord diagrams by default (worked fine for new songs just not the full listing). This is now fixed.

Also in the songbook I used greyed out lyrics in a lot of songs to signify instrumental (not all but slowly moving that way). The transposing/individual song display doesn’t show these as greyed out. I intend to slowly update the system and the songs to show the lyrics with a strike-through to make it clear. May take a short while.

Looking to make the YouTube video link a clickable link in the future – not sure whether to make it a separate window or a popup or….

Would like to find a way to allow multiple songs to be selected for a PDF output so that people can create a mini songbook for their club.

Anyone got any other ideas ?

Fixed some bugs and some tips

The latest version has fixed some bugs in the transpose and edit areas as well as the PDF generation for changed songs (you can now change Song Title and artist). Hopefully this version has fixed the lingering issues. Please let me know if this isn’t the case!

I have removed a couple of menu options that didn’t really add much to the system.


  • If you want to enter a whole new song in Chordpro format and let the site format it for you then simply pick any song, go into Edit and then paste your song in. Remember to include a {title:…} {key:..} and {artist: …} directives (or overwrite the existing ones)
  • If you want to create a PDF of a song that you have made changes on then simply click on the “Other” menu item and click on Create PDF of this page. Wait a few seconds and your PDF should be downloaded to you
  • If the PDF goes over more than 1 page then try it with a smaller font size.


On request I have added a “Tip Jar” – see the Donate menu item – uses PayPal.

Another bug has raised its head

Fix one and another little devil rears. Seems that after doing an edit the transpose no longer works – used to – not sure what I did but will endeavour to fix sometime soon – thanks John Mills for spotting it. Wonder what I did to break that !!

This is only true if you transpose while the EDIT window is still open. If you close the window before you transpose the song then all is ok. So this is an effective workaround (which relieves some of the pressure on me to do a fix 🙂 )